Further on from my previous blog post on choosing a vanity  , tapware would be the next product I would recommend researching and making a selection on.

Chrome , black or brushed? Square , round or oval? High rise , swivel or wall mounted? there are so many options when it comes to choosing tapware so it can feel very overwhelming. The below tips will hopefully help you make an educated decision on what tapware to purchase :

What pressure are you on?

This is priority as this can determine whether certain tapware will work in your home or not , for example you can’t use a mains pressure basin mixer if you aren’t on mains pressure . The easiest way to check is to have a look at the label on your hot water cylinder which should say , otherwise click on here to be taken to the Watercare website where there are tips on how to work out what pressure you are on.

What shape are you after?

This is one of the first things to consider when selecting your tapware. I am a fan of matching shapes so if you have a chunky square basin then a chunky square basin mixer would look stunning , however you could put a more petite square basin mixer on the top even though they can tend to get “lost” on big chunky vanity tops with a large basin. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to  a basin mixer shape , square is definitely modern , a square basin mixer with rounded edges can suit either modern or a more traditional bathroom design and a curved/round basin mixer will look great in a more traditional home or where a rounder basin has been used ( though I have seen rounded basin mixers be used on thin square vanity tops and they still look great).

I always recommend that you pretend to use the basin mixer on display to get a feel for what it will be like using it every day , there are basin mixers available which have the Lifemark label, these basin mixers are designed to be used with ease which is great if you are future proofing your home ( great for the elderly).

High rise , wall mounted or swivel?

For a standard vanity top with a pre drilled basin mixer hole most people would tend to place a fixed basin mixer on top , however if you tend to wash your face in the basin then you may want to consider a swivel option – this will limit you in the ranges of tapware you will be able to choose from, but having a swivel basin mixer means that you won’t hit your head when you lean down to wash your face.

If you are wanting to have a vanity with a stone top and a vessel basin ( basin on top of the stone top), then I would consider a wall mounted option before you consider a high rise basin mixer ( taller basin mixer) option. Why you ask? Because by having a wall mounted basin mixer you increase the bench space ,if you were to have a high rise basin mixer then it will take away from your bench space as it needs to be mounted on the bench. If you are anything like me I have my makeup and hair straightener on my vanity top most mornings and there is always something that falls off or drops in the basin. If you are reading this and you are a husband , brother or partner then more space means you might actually get a part of the vanity top to place your shaving product on when shaving.

What brand? 

There are multiple brands out there in the world of plumbing and everyone will have their own preferences , however I value and support NZ made or NZ designed product.

You will see the NZ made trend throughout my blog posts on how to select product , I love to be able to support companies who try to keep their manufacturing on our shores as much as they can . Not only are you supporting little old NZ but spare parts will be readily available , after sales service is also a big thing if things go wrong or if something happens to break and you need a spare part fairly urgently.

If you can’t find anything that you like within the NZ ranges then just make sure that you purchase a reputable brand , if you visit a showroom then the showroom consultant will be able to give you recommendations , or you can never go wrong with asking your plumber for advice as they install tapware all the time and know which ones they have issues with and which ones they don’t.

What finish? 

There are a range of finishes available now which just adds even more options to your tapware selection process. Chrome is still incredibly popular , it doesn’t date , it’s easy to maintain and it wears well .Black finishes are trending at the moment and there is a huge variety of brands offering them , the warranties on the coating are usually less then chrome ,however they do look absolutely stunning ( just ensure you do your research into the coating used to achieve the black finish). Stainless steel is a fantastic material which looks great and is durable , so if you are wanting a bit more of a unique look with the finishes then this could be one for you to consider.

If you have gotten through all the above sections then hopefully you have a bit more of a clearer idea on how to go about looking for the right tapware for your vanity. Just remember to buy a reputable brand , I highly recommend spending a bit more money on getting good quality tapware as it is product which gets used alot during the day .Once you have picked your basin mixer , you will be able to easily match a shower mixer to it as most companies will do product ranges which consist of a basin mixer , shower mixer and slide shower , however I will explain the showering side of things in my blog post next week.