Tiled or Acrylic? Square or angled? Sliding door or hinged door? Much like my previous 2 blog posts on Choosing a vanity  and Choosing tapware for your vanity , showers also have an large array of options , below are some of my top tips on what the best way to narrow down your ideal shower selection is.

1.Tiled or acrylic?

Acrylic showers are cost effective, durable, and easy to clean and are faster to install. The only downside is they don’t look as attractive or modern as tiled showers, and they can split up the gorgeous flow of your tiled bathroom especially if you are using any other coloured tiles other then white as the contrast between the bright white acrylic can be very noticeable. However , for rentals or bathrooms where you would like to keep the cost down , acrylic showers are still a high quality option.

Tiled showers look absolutely stunning, they make smaller bathrooms feel bigger and more open, and they add a luxurious feel to any bathroom. When our clients want to put a tiled shower into their bathroom plan, we always ensure that they understand there is a greater cost involved in comparison to an acrylic shower.

2.Tiled showers leak don’t they?

We hear this concern a lot from our clients, and we reassure them that we use one of the best shower systems available here in New Zealand. A New Zealand company called Atlantis designs and manufactures these tiled shower systems and we swear buy them ( click on the Atlantis name and it will take you to their website where it explains their shower base system).

3. Square , round or angled? 

The shape of the shower will come down to the space you have. Square showers are the most common , and 900mmx900mm or 1000mmx1000mm are the common sizes. If you have a big space then you could even consider putting in a 1200mmx900mm square shower which gives you extra length , 1200mmx900mm showers are also available  in a curved option which are fantastic for bathrooms where you need to be able to walk around the shower but still be able to utilise the space.

In the below image I have put together 3 very basic identical bathroom plans showcasing showers in the same size (1000mmx1000mm) but in different shapes , I would recommend using the rounded shower in the this instance as you actually gain a bit more room inside the shower itself with the rounded shower versus the angled shower ,and  the square shower cuts off the flow of the room. This recommendation would change if we were tiling the space as a angled shower would be easier and faster to tile.

I would highly recommend actually standing inside the showers in the bathroom showroom you visit as it will help you get a real life understanding about the size of the shower.

4. Purchase reputable brands

Showers have a lot of water flowing inside them every single day , this is why it is so important to purchase good reputable brands which have been around for a long time . We recommend brands like Clearlite , Athena and Englefield for acrylic showers and Atlantis for the tile showers , from my days working in a showroom these were my go to products and they still are , I knew which brands caused issues for my customers and the brands I listed above were great to deal with.

5. Choosing tapware for your shower 

Following on from my previous blog post about Choosing tapware for your vanity , choosing tapware for your shower is a bit easier seeing as you would have already picked out what style of tapware you would go with for the vanity. Most tapware brands will have “ranges” which means that the basin mixer you picked for your vanity will have a shower mixer to match and possibly even a slide shower. Of coarse you don’t have to match them all if you don’t want to , a lot of people tend match the shower mixer and basin mixer and then pick a slide shower by the shower head they prefer , there is such a huge variety of showering technologies available now that it can become a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one to go for.

I would highly recommend going to a showroom that has a wet area where you can actually try the shower heads out to see which spray you prefer , some people prefer a softer finer spray where other people prefer a strong hard spray , and also check what the flow rate is of the shower head , 9L per minute is a good amount , unless of coarse you don’t have any issues with using a substantial amount of water.

6. Storage inside of your shower

This is an important one , women this ones for you , if you are anything like me I have a ton of things in the shower! So this is why it is so important to consider the storage options  inside the shower you pick. Acrylic showers will have the option of having a moulded wall , I would highly recommend getting a moulded wall option as it is a great way to integrate storage in a non invasive way. Tiled showers can have a fantastic feature called a Easy Niche , these are also supplied by Atlantis , we absolutely love installing these as they are a great storage option , plenty of space and they are tiled over so they blend in with the tiled wall perfectly.

Another option to consider is glass shelves , these can be installed on Acrylic as well and Tiles , so even if storage is an after thought you have the option of adding glass shelves in , Crest Showers do some fantastic ones which we have used on projects before


Ladies , and possibly gentlemen , this will change your life if you haven’t already got one. Shaving your legs will become a breeze! Some acrylic showers will come with a moulded option for a foot rest , and tiled showers have the option of having a foot recess put into the wall , like this one which Atlantis does  , do not miss the chance to do this!

If you are still confused about choosing a shower , then do not worry , sign up with us to do your bathroom and we will be by your side through the entire selection process to ensure that the shower you pick will be the best one for your project.

Keep and eye out on next weeks blog ,” Choosing a toilet” , you need to make sure you pick the right one.