Now we get to the exciting part….toilets! I covered showers in my previous blog post and now it is time to get on to an important part of our daily routine….the toilet.

You may or may not be aware , but there are so many options for toilets , you will realise this when you start looking and you walk into a showroom which has literally an entire wall of toilets lined up , how on earth do you pick a good one? keep reading below , I will let you in on a few dunny tips :

1.Know your waste pipe

Rule number one , and one of the most important questions which you will be asked when you go new toilet hunting… Do you have an S or a P pan? So what does this mean? an S pan means the waste inlet goes through the floor , a P pan means the waste inlet goes out the wall. If you have an S pan , then I would recommend getting the measurement from the middle of the waste pipe to the wall , this way you can safely purchase a new toilet knowing it will fit… of coarse if you are having us do the renovation then we will have all of this sorted out for you.

2. Know your water inlet

When you are looking at your current toilet , where does the water come in from? Left hand or right hand side? Bottom or back entry? I would advise going to back entry if you haven’t already , it looks a lot tidier and the less things you have sticking out around a toilet the better , this is easily done when you are doing a fully renovation and the walls are being relined.

 3.If you can go back to wall then go back to wall 

Why go back to wall? well , how many times have you been squatting down trying to wipe behind a toilet which has a open back part , dust , grime and a lot more can become trapped behind the toilet so by having a back to wall toilet you eliminate this.  Not only is it easier to keep clean but it looks so much more modern!

We have some favourites which we will make a recommendation when we put your product schedule together.

4.Why would you go for an in wall cistern?

If you have a small space then an in wall cistern can be a great space saver , not only that you have the option of having a wall hung pan which in return helps open a small space up … and cleaning under it with a mop is a breeze! However if a wall hung pan freaks you out ( sometimes it scares me sitting on them too!) then not to worry as there are plenty of floor mounted options as well.

What if something goes wrong internally in the cistern? do not worry , most of the modern in wall cisterns have an access panel behind where the push buttons go so that the cistern can be accessed through there.

5.Sit on the toilets in the showroom…trust me 

Women like to be in and out , so yes men may relate to this more…however , trust me when I say there are some terribly uncomfortable toilet seats out there which if you sit on for even 30 seconds your poor bum will be hurting.  You may feel silly sitting on toilets in a showroom , however this is a vital part to make sure you don’t buy a toilet that just looks good , and you will be dreading sitting down on it.

The toilets we recommend we have personally been into the showroom and tried them out so we can recommend that they are comfortable…for our bottoms anyway… still go in and try our recommendation out though!

6.Always feel under the rim inside of the toilet pan …an unused showroom model of coarse 

Some of the more “affordable” ( a nice way of saying cheap) toilets can tend to not be glazed up under the rim…. just to give you a great example so you understand why it is so important to have toilet pan which is completely glazed….imagine if your dinner plates weren’t glazed? food would just stick to it and cleaning it would be a pain.

We only recommend the brands we know are high quality and are imported by leading NZ owned companies , because you never know when you one day may need a spare part.

7.Try avoid pans with a “shelf” … the Germans may want to see how their breakfast digested but not everyone does

When you are on the hunt for your perfect throne you may come across a few toilets which will have what we call a “shelf” inside of the pan , when you lift the lid this will stick out at you…. I shouldn’t generalise that Germans are the only ones who have the toilets with the shelves as they are common in most European countries , however the Germans I believe invented it… by now you are probably wondering why?

It is a great way to be able to keep an eye on how your digestive system is working , and if you need to get a sample for your doctor what easier way then have a conveniently located shelf inside of your toilet.

Downside? Cleaning.Smell.Enough said.

8. Get a toilet suite which has a quick release toilet seat…especially if you have boys in the house

How many times have you tried to scrub around the hinges on a toilet seat? and no matter how much you seem to scrub you still can’t get into every part since there is a seat in the way… well a quick release toilet seat is a great way to be able to clean around the hinges completely , not only that , if the seat is looking very “used” you can soak it in some warm soapy water , rinse it and you will feel like you have a brand new toilet seat again.

9.Raised height toilets – when should you buy one? 

Raised height toilets are great for taller people , elderly or even for people who are wanting to future proof their homes. I suggest sitting on one to understand how much difference it can make even though there isn’t a huge height difference when you first look at them.

Keep an eye out on the next blog post next Monday in which I will cover extra storage tips within a bathroom.