If you are anything like me then you will have endless amounts of product which you never use yet you don’t throw out , and then when you find it a year later when you do your yearly cupboard clean out it has expired. So getting as much storage as you can into  a bathroom without overcrowding is a must , below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your storage ( for vanity storage take a look at our “Choosing a vanity” blog post)  :

Mirror Cabinet Storage

Mirror cabinets are one of the best ways to be able to add extra storage to your bathroom , they double as a mirror and what better way to hide your power points then inside a mirror cabinet? There are a wide range of sizes available now as well as “deep” cabinets which are about 50mm deeper than the standard 120mm deep cabinets , this allows you to fit your large face creams inside as well as toilet paper and your electric tooth brush. If you do go with a deep mirror cabinet then make sure you can recess it as they  tend to stick out a little more if they aren’t recessed, however we always recommend recessing your standard 120mm deep mirror cabinet if you can since it does look neater. St Michel do a fantastic range of mirror cabinets called the Dante mirror cabinets , click here to view the range.

Tall Cabinets

Did you know that you can recess tall cabinets as well? So even if you don’t have much space within a bathroom you could recess your tall cabinet as long as you have enough space within your cavity. Following on from the above Mirror Cabinet storage section , you can also get tall cabinets on with full length mirrors , these are absolutely amazing to have a quick look at your outfit before you head out , have a look here at the St Michel option.

Soap recesses 

A soap recess or Easy Niche as we tend to call them are fantastic ways of adding storage into your tiled shower without taking up space.Not only can they be used in a tiled shower , they can also be used above a bath on a tiled wall to put candles , kids toys , kids body wash etc , or as a decorative storage area anywhere on a tiled wall. Have a look at the Atlantis Easy Niche we use in our projects here .

Glass shelves in your shower

If you have an existing tiled shower , or shower over bath or putting a soap recess into your new tiled shower isn’t your cup of tea then you could look at using the Crest Glass Shelves which we recommend , have a look at the range here . This is a great option as it doesn’t involve putting any screws through the tiles and it looks neat and tidy whilst providing you with plenty of storage.

Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves in a bathroom may not be as practical as other storage options  , however have you seen how stunning plants look display on a floating shelf? if you haven’t I suggest you have a quick browse on google because they look stunning , and it is such a great way to display not only plants but also any keepsakes or ornaments that could add personality or colour to the space.

Thank you for joining me again for another blog post , keep an eye out for the next blog post which be on how to choose a bath , and don’t forget to contact us should you have any questions or if you are needing any renovations done on your home.