Our lives are becoming more and more stressful and it is becoming harder to take a moment for ourselves, to take a moment somewhere away from all of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

This is why picking your perfect bath is so important, there really is nothing like jumping in to a nice warm bath after a long stressful day and spending a little time on our own, taking a moment.

So where should you start? Have a look at my below tips and hopefully they will help you.

What size?

Working out what size you can fit will start you off on your search for the perfect bath.

The size will be determined by how much room you have within your bathroom and the sizes range from 1500 to 1800 , there are a limited range of sizes smaller and bigger than that but they are harder to find.

Built in or freestanding?

Built in baths look nice and tidy, they blend in to the design of a bathroom as the tiles you have used on the floor or walls will surround the frame of the bath. They are perfect for when you have a limited space to work with and are the perfect solution for when you are needing to put in a shower over bath , you can make the frame wider than the bath to give you a ledge to sit on when bathing the children ( or to place your glass of wine) .

Ensure that if you are tiling down on to a bath that your bath has up stands , most companies tend to be able to add this on and some baths will come standard with them. Upstand’s can literally be a pain in the butt when you are sitting on the side of them to bath the children , so just keep this in mind when choosing your bath. We use the Studio II bath by Englefield for a number of our projects, it is nice and deep , comes in a range of sizes , has up stands and is made by a very reputable New Zealand brand.

If you would prefer a bath without up stands and one which looks a bit more modern then the Athena Liquid bath would be a top pick , it has the option of adding up stands if required.

Both of the baths we have mentioned above would work well as shower over baths.

Freestanding baths look modern and luxurious , they can make a space feel bigger and really do make a statement within a bathroom. Ideally you would want to have enough space around the bath to be able to clean around it as the areas around the bath can become dust traps . The Athena Cassini Bath is one of my favourite picks , having worked in a showroom for a number of years I got to try out a number of baths , this by far was the most comfortable and it looks stunning.

If you love the look of a freestanding bath , but having to clean the back of it makes you cringe ,then do not fear as Athena do a stunning Back to wall bath called the Contro Bath , it looks modern and slides up against the wall at the back and has the option of sitting right up against the wall on the left hand or right hand side.

What material should I go for? Acrylic , stone or Porcelain on steel?

Acrylic Baths are definitely the most common baths people purchase , they are durable , easy to clean and it ties in with the Acrylic showers – however they do also look fantastic with tiled showers. Not only that ,they are also repairable should any damage occur which makes acrylic a great option .

Stone baths look stunning , no doubt about it. If you are after a product which screams “wow” then a stone bath would be a great option for you. They come in incredible designs and are incredibly durable , however they are a heavy weight item. We love the look of the Victoria + Albert Barcelona III freestanding bath sold by Robertson Bathware , if you are after a high quality stone bath then check out their range.

Porcelain on steel used to be the go to , and we have to pull a few out during the demolition stage which have been installed for a couple of decades and they still look new. No doubt about it the high quality porcelain on steel baths do indeed last however they can chip if they receive a very big impact , which may result in the enamel peeling. The downside of Porcelain on steel is that steel conducts heat so the water tends to cool a lot faster.

I would highly recommend going around to a couple of bathroom showrooms and actually sitting in the baths which are on display , you might feel a bit silly but it will give you an idea about what angle you will be sitting in and how much water will cover your body.

Still confused? not to worry , sign up with us to create your personal zen bathroom space and we will guide you every step of the way , we will even come along with you and guide you to which showrooms are worthwhile looking at in Auckland.